Sougia Taxi from/to Omalos Plateau / Village

 Sougia Taxi from/to Omalos village / Omalos Plateau


The plateau of Omalos is about 40 kilometers from the city of Chania (at least 1 hour by car). Omalos stands at a height of 1040 – 1250 meters between the peaks of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains). During the Winter it boasts a unique view of beauty as the area is covered with snow. Eventhough the frequency of visit is high both in summer and winter by Greek and foreign visitors.

In Omalos village there are some taverns where you can enjoy a wonderful and complete meal with pure local products. Also there are some hotels where you can stay if you decide to cross the Samaria Gorge early in the morning. Otherwise its a very quiet and special village if you want to spend a night away from crowded places.

How can I go to Omalos village / Omalos plateau?

Omalos Village has three entrances:

  • one from the side of Selino, coming by road from Chania and Alikianos (after about 40 km and 1 hour route). At the intersection of Petra Seli turn on the left on a rural asphalt road which continues for about 20 minutes. At that point you will have a magnificent panoramic view green and verdant gorge of Agia Irini, and ends at Omalos. From the right continues the route that passes through the entrance of the gorge of Agia Irini, ending in Sougia. The same route is accessible to all the southern beaches of our prefecture.
  • one from Chania, by road, through the village of Lakkoi (poros)
  • one from Sfakia, the plateau of Askifou to the shelter Kallergis (1,680 meters altitude) – Path E4

Descending from the shelter Kallergis we are at Xyloskalo, where the famous Samaria Gorge begins. At the opposite side it rises a huge mountain, Gigilos with an altitude of 2,080 meters. Climbing Gigilos is one of the most beautiful routes in the White Mountains and requires two and a half hours of hiking.

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