Chania Airport Transfer by Sougia Taxi Vittorakis


Transfer from Chania Airport to any desired destination in Crete with Sougia Taxi & Minivan & Minibus Vittorakis Services. We can also transfer you from any place in Crete to Chania Airport.

At Sougia Taxi & Minivan & Minibus Vittorakis Services we offer high quality transfers to and from Chania Airport at the best prices. We are aware of the importance of reliability, comfort and professionalism. If you have the same concern as we do, then you are at the right place. Besides, after a long and stressful flight, you will not have to wait in line for a cab outside Chania Airport.

Enjoy your trip from Chania airport to any place in Crete with Sougia Taxi and Minivan Services Vittorakis. Feel the luxury of our vehicles, meet your driver and reach your destination safely and comfortably. Save money and time by booking a Taxi or Minivan Transfer from Chania Airport in less than 2 minutes in advance.

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Booking Process:

  1. Send us your request with all the details. We will reply you immediately with the best offer.
  2. If you accept our offer, you will receive a confirmation email. The reservation is now complete.

On the day of arrival, you will meet your professional driver in the arrival hall, inside Chania Airport. You will recognize him immediately as he will be holding a sign with your name on it. Then he will take you to Sougia Taxi & Minivan Vittorakis vehicle.

ATTENTION: For your best service:
  • Book a Taxi or Minivan transfer at least 1 hour before your arrival at Chania airport.
  • Our prices are not different from the prices of the taxis outside Chania Airport.
Our guides:
  • Speak very good English
  • Are well trained and polite
  • Offer high quality services and pay attention to every detail.
  • They have an app on their mobile so they can see exactly when the plane will arrive

Information about Chania Airport


Chania West Crete International Airport

The CHQ of Chania International Airport “Ioannis Daskalogiannis” is located 15 km (20 minutes) from the city of Chania. It is located on the Akrotiri peninsula above the bay of Souda, where it has been in operation since 1967. It was put into operation in 1954 in Maleme as a civil and military airport and was moved to its present location in 1959.
It was named in honor of Ioannis Daskalogiannis, a Cretan revolutionary who fought against the Ottomans in the 18th century. Chania Airport is a small but modern station that covers all your needs while landing in Crete. It is not as mundane as Heraklion, but it serves about 2.5 million tourists a year. Chania airport is designed to handle a large volume of passengers. If you travel to Western Crete, you will experience a small but functional airport with very friendly staff.

Domestic flights take place all year round, mainly to Athens and some to Thessaloniki. Charter flights are mainly offered from the end of April through the beginning of May until the end of October.

To check in for domestic flights, you must be at Chania Airport 30-60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. For charter flights you need to check in up to 2 hours earlier, depending on which company you are traveling with…


In and around Chania Airport you will find

  • Lots of seats to wait
  • Information Desk open 24 hours a day
  • Coffee snack bar
  • Duty free store
  • Shops with Cretan products, folk art, souvenirs, books and magazines
  • Car rentals
  • Car parking lot
  • ATM for cash withdrawals
  • Security personnel
  • Fully equipped health center
  • Police department
  • Lost luggage service (on request)