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Sougia / Syia – The fairy of the Libyan Sea

Sougia, or ancient Syia, the jewel of the Libyan Sea, is located 70 kilometers southwest of Chania city. The place is located at the exit of Agia Irini gorge. Sougia is a coastal village between Agia Roumeli and Paleochora, with few inhabitants and tourists.
During the hippie era, in the 70’s, Sougia was one of the most popular destinations in Crete. It has also become known for its relaxed, carefree atmosphere and its long beach.
Today it is an ideal tourist and family vacation destination for many Greek and foreign visitors. Sougia is also an ideal destination for those who want to avoid the crowds.

Here you can find all kinds of accommodation you are looking for, taverns, restaurants, snack bars, cafes, bars, mini markets, ATMs, etc.

Sougia offers vacations in which you can:

  • swim in the clear blue waters of the Libyan Sea
  • sunbathe under the hot sun of southern Crete
  • find a friendly atmosphere
  • spend a carefree and relaxed vacation
  • walk on many beautiful paths
Ferry to Sougia Port

Sougia Beach

In front of Sougia village stretches a beautiful long beach of coarse sand and pebbles. The area of Sougia beach is limited to about 1.5 kilometers from east to west. The water is crystal clear and there are a few people.
To the west, it begins at the small Sougia port, at the exit of Lissos Gorge. It ends in the east, in a small cove hidden among the rocks, far from prying eyes. This part of Sougia beach is usually preferred by nudists. For those who prefer free camping and shade along the beach, there are several tamarisk trees.
In the part of Sougia beach, in front of the village there are umbrellas and showers. A better organized place, so if a guest wants a snack or a refreshing drink, it will be served immediately.

Whichever place you choose on Sougia beach, remember that the sea is much colder than on the north coast of Crete. Since the sea gets deep quickly, small children must be supervised when swimming or playing on Sougia beach.

Sunrise and Sunset in Sougia

Enjoy your breakfast in one of the cafes on Sougia beach and admire the beautiful and peaceful sunrise.
Also in the afternoon you can enjoy a coffee with dessert or a cocktail with snacks. You can also enjoy the traditional Cretan cuisine on Sougia beach. This is the perfect time to watch the sun disappear behind the huge rocks of Ancient Lissos.

The landscapes of Sougia at sunrise and sunset enchant visitors, and the Libyan Sea is painted with unique colors.

Hotels and Rooms in Sougia

How can I visit Sougia

  • With Sougia Taxi & Minivan & Minibus Vittorakis Services:

Visit Sougia whenever you want, either for your vacation or for a day trip tailored to your needs and desires. Contact us now and request a quote for our unique Sougia.

  • Taxi & Minivan & Minibus services at the best prices.From Chania by road:

From Chania, drive to Alikianos, in the Orange Plain, and then up to Sembrona and Petra Seli. Then go down to the right and pass the village of Agia Irini, where Agia Irini gorge begins. You will pass the picturesque villages of Epanochori, Prines, Tsiskiana, Kampanos, Maralia and Agriles. At the crossroads outside Rodovani you turn left and reach Sougia via Moni village. The road is narrow and winding, so it takes about 1.5 hours to cover the 70 km stretch.

  • From Paleochora by road:

If you are in Paleochora or Kandano and want to visit Sougia, follow a paved road. This road connects the villages with clear markings and passes through Temenia and Rodovani. Do not be fooled by maps that show shortcuts. In fact, the drive through this lush green countryside takes 40-50 minutes.

  • By sea:

Whether you are in Sfakia or Paleochora, you can get to Sougia either by ANENDYK boat or by private boat.

  • With Hiking:

From Paleochora you can walk on the E4 trail Paleochora – Archaia Lissos – Sougia and from Agia Roumeli on the E4 trail Agia Roumeli – Sougia.

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