Sougia Taxi & Minibus Services Vittorakis for Disabled & Elderly people

Minivan Services in Sougia area

We respect this special category of our people with reduced mobility and the elderly. That is why, from 2019, at Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis, we enrich our services so that they can also enjoy their vacations or trips in Crete.

In Sougia Taxi & Minivan Vittorakis we offer a unique service that serves people with reduced mobility, the elderly and their companions.
Eftichis Vittorakis has a long professional experience in Sougia, south of Chania, and lives permanently in the area with his family. He has a lot of experience and a high sense of responsibility for all those who want to visit Sougia and Chania.

The goal and priority of our company Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis is to offer the best services at the best prices to all visitors of Sougia.

Our safe vehicles are suitable for people who can stand and sit in the vehicle. Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis vehicles can comfortably accommodate any additional equipment:

  • 100% Elderly and Disabled friendly Sougia Taxi offers.
  • Safety, comfort, professionalism.
  • Compliance with hygiene regulations.
  • Luxury at affordable prices.
  • Certified membranes on the windows for protection from the sun.
  • Responsibility with respect and courtesy.
  • Friendly and helpful environment.
  • Care and patience from the beginning to the final destination.
  • Immediate response to any additional request.

Our company Sougia Taxi & Minivan & Minibus Vittorakis Services is equipped with trained personnel for:

  • Reception and assistance to persons with reduced mobility and the elderly.
  • Safely placing them in the seats according to their particularities, so that they are comfortable and enjoy the journey.
  • Supervision from the moment they board our safe vehicle until they reach their destination.
  • Picking up, loading and unloading luggage and equipment (e.g. strollers, assistive devices, etc.) for our friends and their companions.

If you have been hesitant to visit Sougia for a holiday, a short trip or even a short walk because you were worried about your transportation, trust us. The friendly staff at Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis will change your mind. We are here to provide you with all the services and information you need for a carefree holiday.

If you want Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis for people with reduced mobility or ederly, please contact us and we will provide you with a vehicle that is customised to your needs.


Perfect organized team and cooperation with the whole team. Seems to be awesome professionals. We went for hiking to Samaria gorge. We took a boat from Agia Roumeli and went to Sougia. We recognized immediately the driver. Very friendly and polite driver us back to our car very safely. keep it up!

Nikos Christidis

Pour remonter des Gorges et récupérer notre voiture, nous sommes passés par Sougia Taxi Super service ! Un Q7 vous attend dès la sortie du bateau avec votre nom. Conduite douce et climatisation sont un plus après cette fameuse randonnée. Le prix est très raisonnable. Réservé par WhatsApp des semaines avant sans soucis. Nous recommandons. Merci.

Constantin Paleologue

And people with a great heart!! Best choose!!

Sy Kompossy

service was excellent just in time, comfortable, fast.

dr. Christian Fischer

Best vehicles,very clean and highly maintained,very polite driver,helpful and pleasant, very informative! I highly recommend them.

George Athanasopoulos

We have had a family transportation to Sougia. Typical with the Covid-19 safety measures, very polite and professional driver-Informative and willing to give extra local tips. Highly recommended and value for money.

Despoina V

Sehr freundlicher Kontakt, schnelle Antworten (sowohl per email als auch per Telefon) und gute Fahrer! Dazu noch günstig im Preis! Top!!!


Service was excellent. Just in time, comfortable, fast, perfect for hikers to get back to Omalos. Highly recommended.


Nous avons réservé un transport pour 5 (par mail 2 jours à l’avance), et il nous attendait au port. Mary est très réactive, car nous avons pris le bateau plus tôt que prévu, et elle a tout adapté super rapidement. Formule très confortable après la descente des gorges, surtout avec des enfants.