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The Fairy of Libyan Sea


The jewel of the Libyan Sea, Sougia or Ancient Syia, is located 70 kilometers southwest of Chania city. In the hippie era, at the 70’s, Sougia was one of the favorite destinations of Crete. Today it is an ideal touristic and friendly family destination for peaceful holidays for every visitor. It has all the types of accommodation you are looking for. Also Sougia has taverns, restaurants, snack bars, cafes, bars, mini markets, ATM etc

Sougia is located at the exit of the gorge of Agia Irini. Also it stands out for its relaxed and carefree atmosphere with its large beach.

Holidays in Sougia

Sougia is an ideal place away from the crowds, for swimming in the clear blue and crystal clear waters of the Libyan Sea. Also is great place for sunbathing in the hot sun of Southern Crete with friendly atmosphere. In Sougia you can make for sure the most carefree and relaxing holidays. Furthermore enjoy your hike on its many beautiful trails.

Taxi Sougia Beach - Lifeguard - Blue Flag

Sougia Beach

In front of Sougia village stretches a wonderful large beach with thick sand and pebbles. This area is limited to about 1.5 km from east to west. Also its waters are crystal clear and it is never full of people.

Sougia Beach starts from the small port of Sougia, at the exit of Ancient Lissos gorge. It ends at a small bay, hidden among rocks. Away from indiscreet looks which is usually preferred by naturists. For those who prefer free camping and shade along the beach there are plenty of tamarisk trees.

In the part of the beach located in front of the village there are umbrellas and showers. Much more organized place so that the visitor in case he wants a snack or a refreshing drink to be served immediately.

Sougia has always been a frienly family destination for Greek and Foreign visitors. But as the sea deepens abruptly, young children must be supervised when swimming or playing on the beach.

Blue Flag – Lifeguard in Sougia

The beach of Sougia, a coast longer awarded with “Blue Flag”, has a certified lifeguard. His tower is visible and in appropriate place and has all the necessary lifesaving equipment.

Whichever place you choose on the beach of Sougia, remember that the water is much colder compared to the northern coast of Crete.

Taxi Sougia’s Sunrise and Sunset

Early in the morning the visitor can enjoy his breakfast in the cafes on Sougia beach.  Also everyone can enjoy the wonderful and peaceful East that the sun offers on the beach of Sougia.

Later in the afternoon visitors can enjoy his coffee with a dessert, his cocktail with a snack or a traditional meal . Do not forget to observe the sun disappearing behind the huge rock of Ancient Lissos, it makes a magic sceenery.

Indeed the landscape of Sunrise and Sunset in Sougia seduces every visitor. At its passage he paints the Libyan Sea with unitary colors.

Sougia Taxi - How can I visit or reach Sougia?

Sougia is accessible in all ways:

you can visit Sougia at any time you want either for your vacation or for a day trip tailored to your needs and desires. Contact us now and request an offer for the unique taxi and minivan services at affordable prices in Sougia area.

  • By car :

From Chania you go to Alikianos and the plain with the oranges. Then you go up to Sempronas and Petra Seli. After that turn to the right, passing through the village of Agia Irini where the verdant gorge begins. Υou also pass through the picturesque villages full of olives Epanochori, Prines, Tsiskiana, Kampanos, Maralia, Agriles.  At the intersection outside Rodovani, turn left and pass through the village of Moni. At the end you will reach Sougia and the southern part of Chania Prefecture. The road needs attention because it is narrow and has many turns. So for these 70 kilometers you will need about 1.5 hours.

  • By car :

If you are in Paleochora or Kantano and want to visit Sougia, you will cross an asphalt road from each village. That road connects the villages with relevant signs and passes through Temenia and Rodovani. The map briefly depicts the routes but it’s not really like this. You will actually need 40-50 minutes through lush beautiful routes

  • By Sea:

Whether you are in Sfakia or Paleochora you can use Anendyk ferry  to visit Sougia on a daily basis from April to October. As well as if you choose Sougia for your stay you can explore the South Coast by boat. You can visit villages like Sfakia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Paleochora and Gavdos.

  • Hiking:

From Paleochora visit Sougia through the path E4 Paleochora – Ancient Lissos – Sougia. Also from Agia Roumeli from the path E4 Agia Roumeli – Sougia.

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If you don’t not have a vehicle and you want to visit our beautiful Sougia by taxi we are the best choice. Call us on the phone or send us a quick message or an e-mail in the contact form . We will offer you the best taxi services in Sougia at the best prices with professionalism, consistency and responsibility.