Taxi Sougia To Samaria Entrance

Taxi transfer to Samaria Gorge

Xyloskalo (Wooden Stairs)

White Mountains National Park


Operation: May 1 – October 31

Opens: 7:00 am


Due to adverse weather conditions, the gorge may remain closed.
We advise you to contact the entrance outpost: +30 28237 70046.


Ways to visit Samaria gorge with Sougia Taxi Vittorakis.

  • By private or rented car and Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis.

Do you have your own car and want to go to Samaria Gorge? Book your Sougia Taxi Vittorakis earlier and skip the crowds. Finally enjoy the route privately, with comfort and luxury at the best prices.

Just follow these steps and book your taxi :

    • Firstly send us your price request for a Taxi & Minivan Service from Sougia to Samaria Gorge entrance at Xyloskalo area. After that we will send you an instant reply with the best price.
    • Secondly accept our offer and a confirmation email will be sent directly to you. Then Sougia Taxi driver will be waiting for you at Sougia port holding a sign with your name.
    • At the end we drive you directly back to your car at the Samaria Gorge entrance with comfort and safety.


  • Organized excursion from Sougia or Chania to Samaria Gorge. 

Do you want to be relaxed in your vacation and do not want to visit Samaria Gorge by car? In that case visit our new website Contact us now and ask us about the options you have to visit Samaria Gorge with an excursion. Finally, Mary will organize a unique excursion according to your wishes and at the best price. Notice that as the only travel office in the area, we can offer special prices for families, groups and other travel offices.

Price for transfer from Sougia to Samaria Gorge entrance – Xyloskalo.

The price of a taxi minivan or minibus transfer from Sougia to the entrance of Samaria gorge is per vehicle and not per person. Therefore Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis offers always the best prices, stable and with no hidden charges.

How do I pay for the transfer from Sougia to Samaria Gorge entrance or Xyloskalo?

You can pay for the transfer from Sougia to Omalos or Samaria Gorge either with cash or card.

Taxi from Sougia to Xyloskalo and Samaria Gorge Transfer.

The first and most reliable cab in Sougia is the Audi Q7. Up to 4 people can board with great comfort, luxury and at the best price. Book now Sougia Taxi Audi Q7 Vittorakis to go to the entrance of Samaria Gorge. We will provide you a unique and pleasant trip at the best price.

Minivan from Sougia to Samaria Gorge Transfer.

Our Black Minivans in Sougia Transfer can serve individuals, families and small or large groups.

We have 3 black minivans in Sougia with XL luggage space

  • 1st Peugeot XL Vehicle (8 seats)
  • 2nd Peugeot XL Vehicle (8 seats)
  • Citroen XL Vehicle (8 seats)
VIP Mercedes from Sougia to Xyloskalo and Samaria Gorge transfer.

We have strengthened the fleet of our company Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis with a new Mercedes V250, 7-seater. The Mercedes Sougia Minivan V250 perfectly meets the need of luxury that the most demanding visitor can have at the best prices.

Mini Bus from Sougia to Samaria Gorge Transfer.

Unique Mercedes Sougia Mini Bus in Sougia. 24 seats for small and large groups transfer from Sougia to the entrance of Samaria Gorge or vice versa. We can serve events in Sougia, individual guests, small and large groups, always at the best prices. It is not a coincidence that all travel agencies trust us in Sougia for the best service to their customers at the best prices.

Additional Services of Sougia Taxi and Minivan Services Vittorakis Office.

Visit our new website and our official travel office in Sougia. Find out our new services in the area. As a result we can make your trip from Chania to Sougia even more enjoyable and comfortable.

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Why choose our Sougia Taxi Minivan Mini Bus Vittorakis for your trip to Samaria Gorge?

Enjoy an uphill route with many narrows and sharp turns with our safe and comfortable Taxi Minivan Mini Bus in Sougia. Eftychis Vittorakis and our drivers are professionals and live in Sougia all year round. They are the only ones who know exactly every point of the route from Sougia to Samaria Gorge entrance. They know exactly how to drive and what to look out for. We respect each of our clients, we are always honest and polite during the whole trip. 

  1. Fixed prices with no hidden costs 
  2. Always pay at the end of the trip 
  3. Choose the payment method, cash or card 
  4. Pleasant and friendly guides 
  5. Professional and insured drivers 
  6. Insured cars 
  7. Regular car service 
  8. Clean vehicles.

More information about Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is Europe’s most famous hiking gorge, forming part of the European E4 Trail.

Since 1981 it has been part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves (MAB: Man & Biosphere), with the aim of highlighting and protecting valuable sites for humans and the rest of the biosphere.

It is located on the south side of the Prefecture of Chania and is formed by the river “Tarraios” flowing between the main bulk of the White Mountains and Mount Volakias.

It is worth noting that thousands of tourists either walking down or going up the Samaria Gorge on foot every summer. For most of them, the main purpose of their visit to Crete is to enjoy the magical coast of the Libyan Sea through this hike.


Xyloskalo – Samaria Gorge Entrance

The starting point (at an altitude of 1250 meters) for the trekking / crossing of the world famous Samaria Gorge is called Xyloskalo. The distance is about 3 km from the plateau / village of Omalos. Also In Xyloskalo there is a forest outpost and an information center (kind of museum) for the White Mountains and the Samaria National Park.

Its length reaches 15 km and the descent from Omalos to Agia Roumeli or the ascent from Agia Roumeli to Omalos takes about 5-7 hours, depending on your pace. A related map is printed on the back of the ticket you will buy from Xyloskalo, at the entrance to the Samaria Gorge.


Samaria Gorge Entrance Ticket

The entrance ticket to the gorge of Samaria costs 5 euros, regardless of the distance you will make, while the entrance for children up to 15 years old is for free.


Instead of Samaria Gorge

In case you think that you cannot or do not want to cross the gorge of Samaria, we would suggest you to cross the Agia Irini Gorge. In brief is a green gorge that is accessible on the main road to Sougia, smaller in size and less difficult. For further information, see our pleasant article about the gorge of Agia Irini or contact us for details.

Internal and Historical of Samaria Gorge

Inside the Samaria Gorge you will find many interesting places. The most famous point is the “Portes or Sideroportes” (Doors or Iron Doors). There is a narrow passage between two tall vertical rocks that are only 4 meters apart, and rise to 500 meters high!

It also has many natural springs with plenty of drinking water along the length of the canyon. So that one can thirst and rest for a while.

The most desolate village of Samaria is also located right inside the gorge. It is characteristic that in the inner part of the village there is the ancient 14th century church of Osia Maria (Holy Mary). it is said that the village and the gorge have their name from there. Though it is most likely to have the same root as Amara. (ie place where many streams join, etc.).

In addition to the total of seven churches around, here you will also find more interesting parts. Like the home where the Greek Government resided in May 1941 with Prime Minister Emmanuel Tsouderos and the King of Greece, George II, before continuing on to Cairo. The village of Samaria was permanently abandoned in 1962. Afterwards it became the National Park of the White Mountains. Mainly is a refuge for the endangered “Kri-Kri” (Cretan goat) and for the sensitive ecosystem. Thats because many species of fauna and flora located in the gorge and surrounding area and protected by international law.

Usefull information about crossing Samaria Gorge

Camping, overnight camping, campfire, and swimming in the creek brooks are strictly forbidden within the park. Also for the convenience of its visitors are toilets in various locations and many waste bins.

It is good to know that it can be painful for the knees. But there are guards all the way (in radio communication) who will help you in case of a problem or injury.

To avoid the large crowds and great heat during your hike we would recommend starting early at dawn.

The "Lazy Way" - A Brief Tour of the Samaria Gorge

If you want to experience some of the magic of the Samaria Gorge, and do not wish for the whole route, there is an easy way. You can choose the so-called “Lazy Way”. It is a much shorter route from Agia Roumeli to “Iron Doors”, the narrowest point of the gorge and back (more or less than an hour’s walk). This way you can get an idea of the canyon, but you will never have a global view.

Suggested Equipment for crossing Samaria Gorge
  1. The most important are shoes. Sneakers with thick soles or even better hiking boots.
  2. A bottle of water or bottle that you can refill along the way.
  3. Sun protection and a hat, especially for the last part of the route which has very little shade and especially in summer.
  4. Some foods, such as a sandwich or a snack. No food is sold inside the National Park.
  5. Patches.
  6. A lightweight backpack.
  7. A camera or camcorder.
  8. A light jacket for early morning as it can get cold at 1250m altitude.
  9. A hiking stick that could probably help you.

For returning the same day, you can take ΑΝΕΝΔΥΚ ferry to Sougia port, or choose a taxi boat. Whatever you deside, we will be waiting for you with our taxi at Sougia port . Our goal is to transfer you safely and responsibly  to your desired destination (Omalos, Xyloskalo, city of Chania, Paleochora, Platanias, etc.).

To provide you our best services, book your Sougia Taxi from Sougia port to Omalos / Xyloskalo  earlier. Either by phone or by sending a quick message.

Contact us to find out about your choices and our suggestions for a visit to the historic and famous Samaria Gorge. Our goal is to eliminate any possibility of difficulty and reflection and to have an unforgettable experience.