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If you are planning your holidays or if you are already in Crete, you must travel to Paleochora. Is a small cosmopolitan town and is located 70 km South West of Chania city. Therefore you need a 1 hour drive to reach the area and its built on a peninsula that extends into the Libyan Sea.

You will be enchanted by its white and colorful houses that smell of cleanliness in your passage in Paleochora. Is a small seductive town with its beautiful narrow alleys and streets which all which all end in coastal roads.

Everyone can enjoy the harmony between Cretan culture and the modern changes in shops observed in recent years. Paleochora is also a great combination of the wild beauty of the surrounding mountains and the endless blue of Libyan Sea. So it’s a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Libyan Sea. Besides that someone can enjoy the paths for walking among the trees and nature.

Paleochora is a hospitable cosmopolitan village whose 2500 inhabitants do not miss the opportunity to welcome in the well-known Cretan traditional way the visitors of the area. Onsequently they call her “Nymph of the Libyan Sea” or “Land of the Sun”.

Besides that the experiences it offers are many and pleasant as an area with all kinds of shops inside and its sandy or pebble beaches. So you can enjoy the endless summer parties besides with the traditional hospitality or “cretan filoxenia / philoksenia”.

Life in Paleochora is more lively than in Sougia, especially in the summer months and in the afternoon when the approximately 2500 permanent residents and visitors of the area make their excursion for coffee, food and night life.

What can I find in Paleochora with Taxi Sougia


In Paleochora you have plenty options for accommodation. You will find small hotels, apartments, rooms and villas for rent. A great option is also a large and very well organized camping on the West Beach which called “Grammeno Camping”.

Eat and Drink

You have also many dining options. In Paleochora you can enjoy unique fresh fish, delicious seafood and traditional snacks such as “dakos” and “kalitsounia”. Of course you have to try the local Cretan cuisine with “Gamopilafo” and the famous “Tzatziki”. You can also find a restaurant with modern European cuisine or a quick snack from the local bakery or creperie. And of course, don’t miss trying the local red and white wine and the strong “Cretan Tsikoudia” or raki. If you are lucky it is very possible that you will find live music in a restaurant or tavern on the way.

Cafes and Night Life

There are many cafes on the beaches of Paleochora and in the streets of the center. Don’t forget that some of them are hidden in its small alleys. Try to find them and you will be surprised. For your night life there are many bars and clubs where some of them are open air. Of course in no case you will find the crowds that exists in Platanias, Agia Marina, Chania, Malia or Hersonissos. However Paleochora is the most cosmopolitan village of South West Crete.

What else?

In the Supermarket you will find all the essentials you might need during the day. There you can find local products for cooking depending on the type of accommodation you choose.

You will also find a summer cinema, bakeries, souvenir shops, banks and ATMs and a post office.

There is the possibility of renting a car, bicycle or motorcycle as well as the possibility of renting boats for excursions or mini cruises to Elafonisi.

For your safety

  • For the needs of visitors there is also a Police Department, Port Station, Health Station, private doctor, pharmacies, as well as Community Information Office.
  • Of course, don’t forget to have European Health Insurance Card with you.
  • In an emergency case call the European emergency number 112. If you want to know more, you can read our article with the relevant taxi and minivan services in Sougia.
Taxi Sougia - How can I go to Paleochora?

From Chania to Paleochora or vice versa

By road from Chania you will enter the national road in the direction of Kissamos to get off at the junction of Voukolies and Tavronitis. You will continue driving south and after crossing many mountain villages you will reach Paleochora.

From Sougia to Paleochora or vice versa

By road from Sougia you can go to Paleochora through the mountain villages of Moni, Rodovani, Prodromi and Anidroi. Another road route is passing through the villages of Moni, Rodovani, Temenia, Stratoi and Azogyres.

For those who like hiking you can follow the E4 path that starts from Sougia port. You will hike through Ancient Lissos and you will end in Paleochora and the famous “Cape of Crocodile”. If you have luggage and do not know how to transfer it, do not worry. This is our job to transfer your luggage with Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis anywhere you wish in Paleochora.

From Elafonisi to Paleochora or vice versa

By road from Elafonisi with your car passing through the picturesque villages of Elos, Strovles, Aligoi, Dris and Plemeniana.

Also through hiking from the E4 path in Elafonisi. You can walk through Kedrodassos and the red beach Ammoutsaki reaching the church of Agios Ioannis. You will meet the circular bay of Vienna and the rocky peninsula of Krios. Then you will continue passing by the big beach of Krios and you will end at the greenhouses of Kountoura. As for your luggage transportation, we undertake them. For more details contact our “Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services’s” team.

Anendyk Ferry

With the ANENDYK ferry that connects Paleochora with the other coastal villages of the South, Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Chora Sfakion and Gavdos island.

With Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services and Eftichis team

In case you don’t want to drive so long to Paleochora you can choose our excellent services of “Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services”. We will transfer you consistently and safely. Our company is a leader company in transport services in southwestern Crete and we will help you in the best way. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about your holiday in Paleochora at no extra charge.

Hippies discovered Paleochora after 1960 and they enjoyed it in the simplest way possible. They lay on their backs on the beach, staring at the blue Libyan Sea and enjoying the fresh air. The atmosphere was so addictive and the hospitality of the locals so generous that some of them decided to stay there permanently.

If you want to experience the amazing hospitality of Paleochora, you just have to dare. Ask us for details and let us take you to the most cosmopolitan town in southwest Crete.


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